The First Service Industry Comic Books! 

$15.00 USD + $3.35 Shipping
$15.00 USD + $3.35 Shipping
$15.00 USD + $3.35 Shipping


 1st Cartoon 

 50th Cartoon 

 100th Cartoon 

The Crew...

 The Cartoonist - 
 Shane O'shaughnessy 

ARv. Xen is also Shane O'Shaughnessy, a cartoonist based out of Iowa. They feel fortunate not to have had to interact with customers for a long, long time. Check out their stuff on any of the major social media sites @rvxen.


These are tight! ~ BH  

 I need more to give as gifts!! ~ KK 

Thanks for bringing dignity back to the service industry!  I've never behaved like this when dining in public! ~ Alana  

 I can't stop laughing! ~ HS 

 The Waitress - 
 Michelle Zajec AKA Mishka 

Hello, my name is Michelle, but I go by Mishka and I'll be serving you today!  Just kidding...I don't greet anyone with that canned bullshit!

I've always believed working in a restaurant should be a requirment while in high school or immediately following graduation.

I struggled with that belief when it came to my own son...I didn't want him to end up stuck in the industry as I had.  

I need not have worried because after a month of bartending, he came to me and said, 'I don't know how you've done this for so long!  
I hate people, but I have an idea for a website.'  

And that is how Waiting On Stupid was born!
Waiting On Stupid is just as much who I am as what I do!  

 My Favorite 

 The Evolution Of A Brand 

~The worst customers provide the best material!  I should know, I've been taking notes of my worst customers for as long as I can remember...I would tell my friends, 'I'll be right with that table, but I need to take notes of my last one, so I don't forget what they said or did!'  I earned the nickname 'Team Bitter' after a manager heard me talking shit about another manager in an all staff meeting.  The manager was telling us seat one always starts here, then he proceeded to say the exact opposite at the next table.  Also, we did a menu tasting at this meeting and as we walked out, my friend said, 'At least we know the strawberries, taste like strawberries!'  It was so dumb!  

~In 2012, I hired Shane to draw cartoons, even though I had no idea what I was going to do with them!  I made some coasters and while Team Bitter was funny to me, but it was more of an inside joke that I had to explain to everyone!  Waiting On Stupid just made more sense.  It's who I am and what I do!  Everybody gets it, even if it does offend some people!  

~Unfortunately, my nephew and two friends were killed in the fall of 2012, so I took a break from life.  It hit me really hard and I was a mess!  I questioned everything.  I did a lot of fundraising to honor the boys.  It made me feel like I had a purpose.  

~ In 2017, we resumed the cartoons and in 2018, Shane was a guest artist at Comic Con in Maui, so we decided to put together coffee table books containing our cartoons.  And here we are today...2021 and we're putting together Volume 3.  I jump from idea to idea, so sticking with this for 9 years is a big deal.  Especially as I work on my exit from the industry!